Software Middleware

January 19, 2017

In the past few decades, Software Middlewares have been very successful in addressing the need for enterprise integration and web functionality. Today they help businesses join the API economy and leverage partner ecosystems to create exciting new enterprise opportunities.

Cyder SG software middleware services focus on enabling and transforming companies and enterprises on their digital business platform. It is our job to ensure that you will be enabled to create and run agile, smart business application while maximizing IT efficiency through full modern hardware and software middleware architectures utilisation.

Backed by our middleware software principals and certified professionals, we provide cloud-native services, from developer tools to data management, so enterprises can develop applications faster, smarter, and more flexibly.

The following are few software middleware that we carry:

  1. IBM Cloud Computing Middleware
  2. Oracle Fusion Middleware
  3. RedHat JBoss Middleware
  4. and many others