Open Source Software (OSS) Solution

January 19, 2017

Solving complex enterprises issues does not mean that they will have to put lots of investment, get pricey systems and solutions, implement them and wait for the results. At the moment, when the enterprise solutions market is ruled by proprietary software, there are numerous open source solutions providers who are making their presence felt across the globe. Their  solutions will not only provide tailor-made solutions to enterprises and businesses, but do the same in a cost effective manner, giving enough room for customisations and minimum dependence on vendors.

What has happened nowadays is that  a clear evolution of a community has grown up and produced intelligent, cutting-edge technologies with an eye on making computing faster, smarter and cheaper for corporate users. The decision is no longer a question of open source, but about what product is best at solving computing problems regardless of how it was built.

At Cyder SG, we put open source software (OSS) technology as our primary solution to our customers. Besides providing as-is product supports, we also provide framework extensions and customisation which will meet needs of our customers, just right.

Here are few OSS technologies that we support.

A. J2EE Application Server


B. Apache Friends


C. Database Server




E. Service Bus and Integration Middleware


F. Enterprise Portal 

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