Big Data

February 4, 2017

In Cyder SG, we value big data as not just technology and bunch of frameworks. We view Big Data from every angle. We look at data ingestion, data analysis, data visualisation, and what could really benefit enterprise and business users to make right decision at the right time. This will then be achieved by choosing and implementing the correct solution. Cyder SG supports wide-range of modules/frameworks for Big Data platform.

Here are what we do:
1. Distributions, On-Premises – Cloudera, Hortonworks, Cloud – AWS, Azure, GCP
2. Big Data: Hadoop MapReduce, Apache Spark
3. Data Access: Cassandra, MongoDB, Apache Hbase
4. Coordination: Talend, Apache Zookeeper
5. Real-Time: Apache Storm, Apache Spark
6. Stat Tools: Scala
7. Machine Learning: Mahout, Caffe, DIMSUM, DL4J,
8. Search: Elasticsearch, Solr
9. Security: Apache Ranger
10. Visualization: Zeppelinn, Tableau, QlikView