July 16, 2016

Cyder continuously work with Modern Technology Partners to enhance its expertise and tooling skillsets for DevSecOps environments. The goal is to have a complete set of Partners to cover the entire DevSecOps pipeline to provide Cyder a solid foundation to provide best services for our clients.

Below are our modern technology partners that we are proud to be in partnership with.



DevSecOps & Modern Application Solutions:



Rancher is an Open Source Software Container Orchestration Engine (COE) that enables organisations to run and manage Docker and Kubernetes environments seamlessly. With Rancher, organisations no longer have to build a container services platform from scratch using a distinct set of open source technologies. Rancher supplies the entire software stack needed to manage containers.



Atlassian is a Development and Collaboration company.



Instana is a Modern Application Performance Management tool for Micro-services Application



Enterprise Solution

RedHat Enterprise

Cyder SG is a RedHat Enterprise Technology Partner in Singapore.